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Why not try TORNT?

TORNT is my newest project. It's the fastest torrent search program ever. Even though it's still in beta, it can already search ThePirateBay, Mininova, and IsoHunt. Try it yourself!

TORNT 0.2 beta

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"This is a brand new tool: a metasearcher for torrent sites. The current version (0.2) searches ThePirateBay, Mininova, and IsoHunt, the sites that are generally known as the big three. Future additions will include LegalTorrents and BTJunkie, amongst others.
Please note this is a beta version, things might not work as expected. It IS however the fastest torrent searcher I've seen so far :-)

Known bugs:
* When one of the sites is down, the program will crash. This will be solved in the next release.
* Sometimes the seeds/leechers don't display, but they do sort. I'm not sure what causes this, but I'll look into it.
* Sorting by size will sort the list numerically; not by the actual size. 900MB is considered more than 60GB. It's on my todo list ;-)

This tool was not developed for piracy; it was developed as a backup in case the generally known torrent sites fail. It is everyone's own choice what to do with it.
If anyone knows of more torrent sites to implement (preferable sites like LegalTorrents, with Creative Commons or Open-Source contents), contact me at

Have fun!"

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